Kinder Space and Accesibility

We are very happy to be wheelchair accessible this Edition (just let us know at the Info Stand) AND we will also have a Kinder-Space on Saturday (but watch out and don’t drop your child and meanwhile you get all your Body tattooed)

Cinema Program

Cinema Program is also finished and you can check it HERE

Artistical Side Program

Artistical Side Program is nerver closed but you can check provisional line-up HERE

During the Circus Days: TCB Party at the Köpi

Pre-Post-Circus Soli-Party on Saturday 10th at the Köpi is also ready

koepi 10.09


Political Side Program

Political Side Program is closed and you can check it HERE

Ein gespenst geht um Europa

Ein gespenster Geist geht um in Europa seit ca 2007 – Es heisst Tattoo Circus.
Das ist unser drittes Mal in der Haupstadt und wir freueueun uns schon!!
Mehr als 30 Profi-Tattoo & Piercing aus aller Welt (+UK &Mehr)..100% DiY & Anti-Profit
09.10.11 September 2016, jeden Tag von 11 bis 22.30 Uhr
Am Bethanien… wo denn??
Circus ? Haben wir
Kaffe? Auch da
InfoVorträge? Klar Sicher
Filme? Weltpremieren kostenlos
Suspensions? Ja, blutig wie immma
Bier? Schon Bestellt
VoküfA? Ja… 3x Am Tag!
Was noch? kommt vorbei und check it out
Bis Wann? …


New Posters & T-Shirts

Here is some of our this year’s posters/tshirt edition:
A big “thank you” to all the artists that give us their works,
we try our best to use all of the nice stuff you gave/give us.
Work is in progress and there will be more stuff printed.






tattoo circus red


Circus is coming to Town: 3rd Edition!

We are very happy to announce that Tattoo Circus is coming this year again to Berlin. It will be held next 9, 10 & 11th September 2016 at Bethanien Südflügel, same place of last editions (2012/2014). Opposed to most established conventions, Tattoo Circus takes place in a non-competitive, non-commercial and non-hierarchical atmosphere. Also important is the…

Tattoo Circus? …what’s that?!

The Tattoo Circus began 2007 in Rome and since then, activists from all around Europe (Barcelona, London, Thessaloniki, Bern, Athens, Madrid… etc) took on the concept for supporting those people who can’t be among us. The idea behind this solidarity event is to create a space where tattoo culture and political engagement come together. Several…