We are very happy to announce that Tattoo Circus is coming this year again to Berlin. It will be held next 9, 10 & 11th September 2016 at Bethanien Südflügel, same place of last editions (2012/2014).

Opposed to most established conventions, Tattoo Circus takes place in a non-competitive, non-commercial and non-hierarchical atmosphere. Also important is the fact that nobody, neither tattooist, piercers, performers nor speakers, earns anything and EVERY euro collected goes directly to structures supporting prisoners and anti-repression collectives.

Like past times, also this year a rich program is being prepared. It will include, apart from entertainment like concerts and extreme art-performances, detailed information about imprisoned comrades and general anti-prison work issues in form of lectures, workshops, readings, exhibitions, mail-corner and prison-related political films.
And of course there will be also tasty food and drinks all day long!

We cordially invite you to join, help and enrich this project. Because the solidarity with our detained comrades in the measure of our strength.